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Worth It Book {Free Workbook}

Are you tired of living in a hard, dark shell? Is it time for you to Shatter that shell and Shine? Have you wondered if you’re even worth it?

If any of this sounds like you, you are in the right place. In Worth It! Shatter Your Excuses and Free Yourself to Shine, journey with Heidi as she discovers and shatters her excuses. You will learn …..

  • You are not alone. The excuses that hold us back are universal.
  • Which excuses are at play in your life and how to shatter them forever.
  • How to prevent your past from defining your future.
  • It’s not easy to achieve your goals, but it’s possible to exceed your dreams.
  • How to avoid the seduction of inadequacy.
  • The importance of accepting the new reality you create.

Worth It! Is Available now on Amazon in paperback or kindle!​

As my gift to you, I invite you to sign-up to receive the free 15-page companion workbook...

Because you are worth it!

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Free Companion Workbook

My gift to you. Please download the companion workbook. My hope for you is that through the journal questions, you shatter your excuses and free yourself to shine!

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Free Workbook

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