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A Season of Me

Tired of always finding yourself last on the list? Imagine what it would feel like to have permission to make YOU your first priority and a community of cheerleaders who’ve got your back. 

One season to change your life.
A Season of Me Collective
12 weeks of permission to pursue YOU!

Uh oh. It's happening again.

You were thinking about starting on that goal, that passion project you’ve always secretly dreamed about (writing the book, creating the art, getting healthy, starting the business… I can only imagine all the dreams that have been put on hold) and something else comes up. Somebody else needs your attention.

I get it. My list is long too.

You 've put everyone else on the front burner for so long you don’t even know where your pot is hiding. 

Pretty sure I’ve lost track of mine several times.

 You sigh and answer the call and do the thing. All the while your dream is floating around begging for just a little attention.

I get it.

This all sounds wonderful, but I can hear you now, you're thinking, "But this is what I am supposed to do? It’s my job to take care of everyone else?"

 Wrong. How do these messages feel?

#1) You are worthy of all that you need to pursue your dreams; time, energy, money - all the things

 #2) Being overworked, depleted, and exhausted by the needs of others is not a badge of honor.


Friend, hear me. You have done your time for others. Now it’s time for you! With a lot of support, a dose of systems and habit training, and a little tough love, you can choose to put yourself first

 The good news? You already knew this. 

It's hard to admit, but you see yourself repeatedly making this mistake. If you are honest, it’s a sigh of relief to say this out loud. Your future self is thanking you right now.


A Season of Me Collective

The 12 week (and beyond) group coaching program that gives you permission to pursue your dreams, or maybe even to just figure them out.

I know you have big dreams and believe in infinite possibilities.

 You tend to say "Yes" to everything because you love opportunities.

 You get complimented on how much you get done, but the things you are doing don’t feed your soul.

 You feel a sense of resentment and frustration on a regular basis. You can see a happier, purpose filled you on the horizon. 

 But you also see the obstacles and challenges. You’ve seen them before. Defeat sets in before you even start. (It's heartbreaking, I know.)

This is your chance to wipe the slate clean and start over.

Stop putting yourself on the back burner.

 Start designing this season of life with YOU in the center.

Welcome to A Season of Me:

After A Season of Me, you will:

  • Feel confident and empowered
  • Have a clear vision of Future You pursuing your dream
  • Wake up with a clear mind and a confident bounce in your steps because you are excited about what comes next
  • Feel emboldened to set and keep boundaries
  • Take the time to breathe in and exhale comfortably, like a human being
  • Keep getting compliments that something is different about you, in a good way

    “Before working with Heidi, I was feeling stuck in life and in ministry. Together we set priorities, created an action plan with daily steps that, although simple, made a huge difference in my ability to discern what being stuck was about. As a result, I am starting to recreate my environment and set up systems that actually lead to more discipline and productivity. I really appreciate the way Heidi listens and asks just the right questions. She is gifted at getting to the source of the problem and helping me figure out what action steps to take next, not too much and not too little. ~ Jess Lambert

    By laser-focusing on building strong foundations:

    • you’re kicking energy vampires to the curb = more energy to devote to you
    • you’re killing off sneaky time leeches = more time for focused attention on your passion project
    • you’re clear about investing in you = more resources devoted to your dream

     Special introductory pricing for the first 6 registered

    4 payments of$297 or one payment of  $997

    (After the first 6, regular price will be 4 payments of $397 or one payment of $1,447)

    Only 12 spots open at a time available for this high-touch program  

    Special pricing  open now

    Special Focus Sessions with your enrollment:
    Three private coaching sessions with me, lifestyle coach and program creator, Heidi Kleine. 

    Session one is where we will set your personal agenda, get clear on your goals and the obstacles and challenges specific to your life.  Session two in the middle will address your progress and challenges and evaluate your progress. Session three will celebrate your new insights and successes and set you up for success following the program.

    100% focused on you.  
    (Fair warning: I love these sessions quite possibly more than you do.)

    "What do I get?"

    • 3 private coaching sessions (approximately an hour) described above
    • 6 group coaching sessions (approximately an hour) Recordings for each call.
    • Private Facebook group for support and encouragement
    • A classroom of group session recordings, resources, and tools to help you during and after the program
    • Confidential, safe, and supportive environment.
    • No B.S. accountability to keep you on track.
    • New best friends to keep you company as you embark on your journey.

    "What happens after I click the button to enroll?

     Pick a payment plan that feels good.

    • Be redirected to a pretty page with solid security measures.
    • Enter your payment information.
    • Once payment is complete, receive an email from Heidi Kleine with 
      • 1) details on scheduling your first 1:1 session so that we can get you started right away 
      • 2)  links to access your classroom and group call schedule.
    • Celebrate the excitement and anticipation of the heartfelt choice you made for your future.

    4 payments of$297 or one payment of  $997

    (After first 6 introductory pricing, 4 payments of $397 or one payment of $1,447)

    Only 12 spots at a time available for this high-touch program  

    Special pricing closes after first 6 enrollments

    This is for you if:

    • You are ready to stop trying to figure it all out alone. 
    • You recognize the importance of accountability.
    • You are willing to take a good look within yourself and move forward with honesty and integrity.
    • You are ready to kiss procrastination and perfectionism goodbye.
    • You believe in yourself and know that your future looks amazing.
    • You want to make decisions easier and faster. 
    • You are willing to be unapologetic about going after your dreams.
    • You know that you deserve this.
    • You're ready to start making the necessary changes for your future.

    This is not for you if:

    • You are not willing to do the work.
    • You don't like sharing yourself in an intimate setting. 
    • You are not ready to confront your fears and doubts.
    • You like living in worry, stress, and drama.
    • You believe that you have nothing else to improve about yourself.
    • You don't like investing in your future.
    • You like to complain and come up with excuses why you can't.
    • You don't like me.
    • You don't like what this program is about. 

    About Me:

     Hi, I'm Heidi and I'm a life and leadership coach, known as the Level Up Coach.

    I specialize in helping caring individuals and dreamers (like you!) get clarity and focus in their lives so that they stop prioritizing everyone and everything else at the expense of their dreams, health, and mental well-being.

    I do this by guiding them to see value in themselves, understand their options, bring flow and inner strength into their lives by shifting their mindset and becoming deliberate, not desperate, creators.

    I stand for unapologetic happiness, freedom to design your life, and limitless potential to be/do/have whatever you desire.

    4 payments of$297 or one payment of  $997

    (After first 6 introductory pricing, 4 payments of $397 or one payment of $1,447)

    Only 12 spots at a time available for this high-touch program  

    Special pricing closes after first 6 enrollments

    Group Session Focus:

    Design Your Life

    • Permission
    • Expectations
    • Setting up for success

    Habit Huddle 

    • Owning what you know
    • Dreaming versus doing.
    • Automate success

     Understanding Saboteurs 

    • Saboteur Assessment
    • Know your strengths
    • Doing deep inner work.

    Time Clarity 

    • Noticing your patterns.
    • Taking responsibility.
    • Letting go of programming.

    Decision Making 

    • Learning to trust.
    • Making decisions with ease.
    • Choosing priorities.

    Permission to Pause 

    • Daily lifestyle designing.
    • Learning to rest and restore
    • Celebrating your success


    • What kind of transformation can I expect from doing this program?

    Honestly, that depends on you. The possibilities are endless. This is why we begin with a thorough assessment of your current situation and create a plan of action together.

    Think of it like this: you're in the driver's seat and I'm in the passenger's seat holding the map to lead you back on to the desired route and your BFF's are in the back seat singing. But ultimately, you're in charge. We're here to make sure that you get to your destination without running out of gas in the middle of nowhere – and that you aren't ever stranded alone.

    Feel free to reach out to any of my past clients and ask them personally about their transformations. They will be happy to tell you all about it. (I’m happy to connect you to them. I got permission! Don’t be shy. Just ask.)


    • Why 12 weeks? 

    Because real transformation takes time. Even though it can be tempting to take shortcuts, the truth is: there are no shortcuts. 

    At the same time, for someone who is not used to prioritizing themselves, 12 weeks seems manageable. It’s not too much to ask. Right? (Hint, once you get in the habit, you won’t want to go back, but 12 weeks is a do-able place to start).

    If you are looking for the "6-figures in 6 days" blueprint, or the "lose 50 pounds overnight" program, you are in the wrong place. This program is for people who know that the real secret to success is support, focus, persistence, intention and action. 

    I will be personally supporting you to ensure that you get what you came for. I know what it's like to get overwhelmed or discouraged when you're trying to make progress in your life. When those inevitable roadblocks come up, we celebrate and obliterate them because that's exactly where the gold is. I'm here to turn those 'growing pains' into 'growing gains' instead.

    You know those days where self-doubt creeps in and you think, "Maybe I'm not ready for this. Maybe I'm not good enough yet. Why can't I ever follow-through on my goals? No one will know or care if I ___________, so I'll just do it another day."? Well, now you have a team of people who do care and always have your back, so you can kiss those paralyzing thoughts good-bye.

    There are many ways to access me personally throughout the program, so you don't have to worry about dealing with a crisis alone. I'm always available to help you through these. When you have your Season of Me pass, you become one of my VIPs – unconditionally loved, accepted, welcomed, and cherished exactly as you are. You can take a risk and stand up for you in this space. 

    • What is the time commitment? 

    Approximately 60-90 minutes per session for the group meetings – attendance is highly encouraged, because that's the whole point of a 'group coaching' program. Yes, I do make exceptions, and yes, all these calls are recorded.
    (If this is not your ideal situation, I suggest enrolling in a private coaching program with me instead.

    Because a large emphasis is placed on your ability to manage your time as you see fit and step into your role as designer over your life, the rest of it depends on you. I'm not here to dictate what your schedule should look like, but I will guide you to start owning your power and make decisions for yourself. That being said, there are tools and 1:1 time with me included with your enrollment but these are for extra support, not for adding to your plate.

    By being willing to commit to doing the work in this program, you get results.  

    • I’ve tried so many things but they never seem to work. I feel like this is just going to be another digital thing collecting dust.

    I know this feeling well. This is exactly why I created this program. After spending a lot of time, energy, and money (many years and $$$ spent on training) spinning my wheels and not gaining traction, I knew that something was wrong. The pivotal moment happened when I took an honest look within myself. This is where the healing began and things finally clicked into place.

    What I learned in this process is exactly what I’m guiding you through in this program. Because I was willing to prioritize this transformation, all those things that I was struggling to make happen before were now coming together so easily. It was almost comical, the stark difference this made – and I owe so much of it to my innermost circle of trusted confidants. Hence why I have structured this program as such. 

    • I'm not an entrepreneur, can I still benefit from this program?​

    Most definitely. Whether you work a 9-5 or are a stay-at-home parent, a twenty-something or a sixty-something, this program will be equally effective because each of you will choose your own journey in this program. I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.
    While we will be working through similar themes, you will be the one to choose what you want your life to look like in 12 weeks, and that will be different for everyone. 

    • What's your refund policy?

    I am fully committed to putting in the time, effort, and resources for you and, by enrolling in the program, you agree to do the same. You agree to do the work, show up, and take this investment seriously so that you get the results you came for. If you are unwilling to commit, please do not enroll. This is not a drive-by program or something that you can "return" – this is a live, digital program and therefore, there are no refunds.

    You're always welcome to reach out to me with any questions or hesitations. 

    • I'm already working with a different coach/mentor/course/program/thing, what do I do?

    That's great! 99% of the time, this program will fit in beautifully with whatever else you've got going on, but if you want to discuss your particular situation with me, I encourage you to do so. This way, we can discover if this program is truly right for you. 

    • You only have the 4-month payment plan. What if I want to work out a shorter payment plan?

    It's possible! All it takes is for you to ask.


    • What does 'strengthens your foundations' mean exactly?

    It means that we get laser-focused on exactly what you need to thrive on a day-to-day basis, so that you're more productive and less burned out. How does that work? Because we go to ground zero and look at everything. We identify and plug up the time/energy/money leaks. You know how your entire life is a culmination of all the tiny moments that go by unnoticed? That's why your life looks different when you step into your role as designer and do this vital work.

    Most of us are born into this world and thrown into the chaos without ever having the opportunity to deliberately design our lives. We spend a lot of time reacting to what's happening around us rather than choosing to create our circumstances. trying to keep up with expectations and obligations

    We get smart, we get intentional, we get clear – we experiment, we learn, we implement. 

    • What if I can't afford it?

    I hear you. I know what it's like to have to turn down programs that you know will help you bring in more money and it's frustrating. I don't want that for you. This is why I made the payments as accessible as possible.

    Speaking from personal experience, I know that I've used money as an excuse to stay small and comfortable because I was scared. Instead of dealing with the fear underneath, I just kept myself stuck.  

    Here's a good way to check in with yourself: if finances were not in the way, would you sign up? If you answered "no," or "maybe," then there's a different reason for your hesitation.

    Remember, the whole point of this program is to help you create more time, money, and energy for the things that you desire most. Productivity and focus without the struggle. I know that you can do it. I help make it easy.

    4 payments of $297 or one payment of  $997

    (After first 6 introductory pricing, 4 payments of $397 or one payment of $1,447)

    Only 12 spots at a time available for this high-touch program 

    Special pricing closes after first 6 enrollments

    © 2021 by Heidi Kleine. All Rights Reserved.

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    11 Modules

    Welcome to A Season of Me

    Introduction and information on how to get started on your Season of Me.

    Success Strategy - Get Clear On Your Motivation

    Success Strategy - Set Better Goals

    In this module, we will explore how to set better goals. 

    Coming Soon: Success Strategy - Building a Season Mindset

    Success Strategy - Identify Your Saboteurs

    Coming Soon: Success Strategy - Take Control of Your Habits

    Coming Soon: Success Strategy - Build Your Success Squad

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